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Open to any former member of USAFSS, ESC, AIA, ISRA, or 25th AF assigned to Elmendorf AFB, 1948 through 2015!

For information on . . .

Dates and schedule of events,

June 23, Meet and Greet, Mt View Lions Club

12:00 - 5:00 PM

June 24, tour Operations/Base Ops

June 24, Picnic at Chalet

June 25, Bus Tour

June 26, Depart

Hotel Reservation information - not yet developed

Bus to Denali - Maybe

For more information, email:

Jim Kaus


Attending? Maybe

Attending? Yes


Years Assigned

Lodging Reserved

David Bedell


Barney Bennett

Corky Bingham


George Binkley

David Cook


Terry Cullivan

Joe Eanett



Dave Dahnke


John Garrett


Barnie Gavin

William Glode


Casey Goldston (4)


Rick Goodman

Terry Hargrave


Fred Hendrick


Bob Hewitt (2)


Ray Hill

Toby Hiseley



Leroy Intorn

Jim Kaus (2)


65-68 77-81


Tim Loden

Joe Martin (2)

A 1967-69


Ron McNaughton (2)




George McCain (2)



Bob Mitchell



Steve Mobry (2)
63-67 71-74


Ted Moninski

Baker 1965-68



Walter Moore (1)

Dog 1974-77



Jim Moody


Stan Morris

Mike Murray (2)


Greg Myers (2)


Roger Oleson (2)

William Porteous


Wayne Prigge (2)




Rudy Rodriguez

Dennis Rucker

Jack Schott

Leonard Shapiro


Dave Seidl
Tom Smith
Pat Rivenbark
1967-70 71-74
Eddie Taylor

Steve Transue


Jim Van Epps

Jack Williams

Greg Wilson

Jim Woelfel (1)



Fred Ziemer (2)


NOTE: To change columns, email jim@floridajim.com and also include how many in your party including you and your years of service in Alaska.


14. We are adding a in your car tour to our reunion activities in Anchorage this June.  See attached map.
 Saturday morning, June 25, we meet at Gwennies Old Alaska Restaurant, 4333 Spenard Road at 7:00 am for breakfast.  After breakfast, (8:00 am) we leave Gwennies, and head south in a car convoy down Seward highway to Begich Boggs Visitor Center on Portage Lake. 
 At Portage Lake, we take the cruise boat for a tour of the glacier.

http://www.portageglaciercruises.com/tours.cfm  (The fare on the Boat is $39.00 per adult/$19.00 per child)
We depart the glacier at 12:00 and travel to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.

https://www.alaskawildlife.org/  Adult: $15 per person (Ages 18-54)  Youth: $10 per person (ages 6 – 17) Children: Free (Ages 5 and Under)  Seniors: $10 per person (Ages 55 and Over)
 We depart the Conservation Center at 2:00 pm and travel to Girdwood for lunch supper together. (We will discuss restaurant choices at our get together at the Lions Club Clubhouse on Thursday and make reservations). We leave the restaurant at your choice and return safely to Anchorage.


13. I am so please to be able to report that plans are well underway for us to have a Meet and Greet gathering at the Mt View Lions Club clubhouse, 501 North Pine Street in Anchorage from noon to 5 pm on Thursday, June 23rd. The Lions club is donating the facility and will have some volunteers on hand to assist us. We will be asking each of you participating to contribute for snacks and refreshments. We'll organize that later.


12. BIG NEWS - I have found a host to provide us with a place to gather on June 23, from Noon til 6 PM. I am still working out the details, but theyhave a clubhouse large enough for us, and will have drinks and snacks available. A good place to meet and socialize and let every one what is planned for the next couple days. I will be publishing here complete details as soon as things are finalized. So, we will socialize on Thursday. We'll find a place for dinner Thursday evening. We will tour Elmendorf Base facilities and 381st Operations on Friday and then a picnic with squadron people on Friday afternoon/evening. Activities for Saturday are not yet finalized.

11. 10/23/2015 - Its time to start thinking about nametags, so I have to know who is coming with you. I've added a column above called "With" If you know who's traveling with you, please send me an email telling me the names as you want them to appear on the nametag. Here's what the name tags will look like. . .


10. 10/15/2015 The question of lodging is the biggest hurtle we'll encounter. The situation in Anchorage in the summer is such that a hotel/motel need not reduce its rates, nor guarentee any block of rooms. So, Y'all gotta find your own place to sleep. I went with Bed and Breakfast, but there are other options. Hotels and Motels of course, and BOQ on base for you retired people. If we hear of any bargains, I'll post them. If you find a good deal pass it to me to share with others. Look in Eagle River, Palmer, Wasilla, and others.

We'll find things to fill up your Friday and Saturday. You just gotta get there and find a place to stay..

9. 10/11/2015 - It is extremely important to know if you are planning on attending this reunion. If you are making plans, please email me jim@floridajim.com So much depends on us knowing how many people to expect. This is not a commitment, but just to give us a good idea on numbers. Do it today.

8. Jim Woelfel wanted to clarify some things so he returns quickly with his next tip, #2. Click Here

7. 10/6/2015 Starting today we offer Tips from Jim Woelfel. Jim lives up there in summers and will be writing a regular column for this web site. If you have a question, email Jim and he will answer your question in a future column. Thanks to Jim for taking time to do this. For Tips from Jim #1, Click Here.

6. 10/4/2015 - From Capt Joe Eanett - Friday the 24th would be a perfect day for us to let the troops out early, and have a great big picnic/bbq to tell war stroies.

(I had asked about maybe a bus trip to Denali). Really valid point on the cost, and we'll see what we can do. Might not be able to secure an Air Force bus, but might be able to work some crazy discounts. We'll look into this and get back to you. Ive got some ideas on this.

We're hoping we can get you guys into the spaces and give you what tour we can, show how much this place has (and has not) come along. If you wouldn't be opposed, we might try to take you down to the Air Operations Center, and show you how we integrate with the local warfighters and the NORAD mission. And then lastly, I think a big picnic and bbq at our chalet (food and drinks provided by us) to share some war stories. And hopefully, on Saturda, we'll get you on a tour somewhere in the area.

5. 10/3/2015 - Response fromSocial Media has been strong, with over thirty people asking for information. Look at these names and see if you know any of them . . .

Barbero, Bill, Bennett, Barney, Binkley, George, Cullivan, Terry, Eanett, Joe, Garrett, John, Glode, William, Hendrick, Fred, Henn, Bill, Hiseley, Toby, Intorn, Leroy, Jones, Harvey, Kale, Dick, Kaus, Jim, Martin, Joe, McNaughton, Ron, Mobry, Steve, Moore, Walter, Moody, Jim, Morris, Stan, Murray, Mike, Porteous, William, Prigge, Wayne, Rodriguez,Rudy, Rucker, Dennis, Schott, Jack, Transue, Steve, Welch, Dave, Williams, Jack, Wilson, Greg, Woelfel, Jim, Zeimer, Fred,

Pass the word to your friends. Tell them to email jim@floridajim.com and signal their intention to participate. Stay tuned, this is gonna be good.

4. 10/2/2015 Email today from 381st IS, Capt Eanett -

Mr. Kaus, I'm Capt Joe Eanett, and I'm the Assistant Director of Operations for the 381st. I'm a Florida native (Lakeland) and I am insanely jealous of your warm weather right now! I am ridiculously excited about helping y'all get this set up. MSgt Hiseley and I will be sure to get tagged in on the website and facebook page so we can gather the ideas and execute y'all's vision for this. We really want to make this a great experience for you and foster this as a continuing thing we can do for all alumnae of this awesome organization. We're open to any idea that is put forward and we are very excited to get this rolling.

3. 9/30/2015 - Both Group and Squadron are on record as supporting this idea. Gratious emails from Col Streeter and Lt Col Floyd say they are excited to host us. Planning continues in earnest.

2. 9/30/2015 - Do you have tentative plans to attend? Please email jim@floridajim.com to get on the list for planning purposes.

1. 9/30/2015 - The Air Force is involved. I have contact with Lt Col Floyd, Commander 381 Intel Sq. He will be selecting a POC for us.